Kolkata FF Result Oct 2023 Check kolkata ff winner list and number

Kolkata FF Result Oct 2023 Check kolkata ff winner list and number

Recently, there was a lottery competition organized by Kolkata FF. The results for the same are going to be released today. The people who are interested in buying the lottery tickets can buy the lottery and win the amazing prizes offered by Kolkata FF. Some lucky players will be able to win the prizes. The players can play the game of lottery only 8 times from Monday to Saturday. Some lucky players will be given prizes which they can take home and can use for themselves. The winner can get a high cash value and a prize also.

Note: Kolkata FF Result of January 2023 will be available here very soon so keep visiting this portal to get more update about the same.

Kolkata FF Result today

Gambling and stuff similar to gambling is banned in Kolkata by the government. But the Kolkata lottery FF is not banned by the government. The people should play it under the guidelines given by the government. Kolkata FF is a gambling game which is also known as satta matka. Those who want to tips for Kolkatta ff just read whole article. We have also provided here kolkatta ff bazi too.

Kolkata FF {Oct, 2021}

The people who are interested in the Kolkata lottery FF can play the game 8 times from Monday to Saturday. And as for Sundays, the people can play the game 4 times only.

kolkata fatafat
kolkata fatafat

kolkata fatafat result (কলকাতা ff)

If any person wants to participate in this lottery event, then he / she should be physically present in Kolkata. The people living outside Kolkata need to come to Kolkata physically, otherwise they cannot buy the lottery ticket. The results for the lottery event will be announced at the time mentioned below. The people who have bought the lottery can check the results live at the given time. The Kolkata lottery FF results will consist of 8 rounds. The result for each round will be given at the particular time mentioned below for fatafat kolkata.

Check Kolkata FF Result today { Sep Month}

Round NumberTime for results (kolkata fatafat ff)
Round 110:03 AM
Round 211:33 AM
Round 31:03 PM
Round 42:33 PM
Round 54:03 PM
Round 65:33 PM
Round 77:03 PM
Round 88:33 PM

The result for the lottery event will be given out at the time mentioned above. The players who have bought the lottery ticket can check the results at the time mentioned. The people who have bought the ticket can check the results on the official website of Kolkata lottery FF. The link to the official website of Kolkata lottery FF is given at the end of the article.

Kolkata FF Result Time Table * NEW *
1st Bazi10:00 AM
2nd Bazi11:30 AM
3rd Bazi01:00 PM
4th Bazi02:30 PM
5th Bazi04:00 PM
6th Bazi05:30 PM
7th Bazi07:00 PM
8th Bazi08:30 PM

The prizes for the winners are mentioned below. The lucky winners can take the prizes to their home and use it for themselves. The winners will get the winning money as well as the prizes. The winning money will depend on the lottery number.

Rank of the PlayerAmount won (kolkata ff result online)
1st winner1 crore rupees (uncertain amount)
2nd winner9000 rupees (uncertain amount)
3rd winner500 rupees (uncertain amount)
4th winner250 rupees (uncertain amount)
5th winner120 rupees (uncertain amount)

Today’s Kolkata FF Result

The amount of the prize money mentioned above is tentative. It is uncertain and not completely sure of the amount to be given to the winner. The person who has won will have to go to any nearby Kolkata lottery FF office. After going to the Kolkata lottery FF office, the lottery winner should submit the lottery ticket to the lottery office.

Kolkata FF Result Date Wise ( Oct 2023)

Kolkata ff Round 1 to Round 810th Oct, 2023
Kolakata fatafat Round 1 to Round 811th Oct, 2023
Kolkata ff result Round 1 to Round 812th Oct, 2023
Kolkata ff number list of Round 1 to Round 813th  Oct, 2023
Ff Round 1 to Round 814th Oct, 2023
Fatafat Kolkata Round 1 to Round 825th Oct, 2023
Round 1 to Round 826th Oct, 2023
Fatafat Round 1 to Round 817h Oct, 2023

Kolkata FF winner List {12-10-2023}

Unfortunately all the people who have brought the lottery tickets can not win. The people who did not win can try again next time. The people who did not win this time can get lucky next time and win a huge prize.

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The link to official website of Kolkata lottery FFhttps://kolkata-ff.org/

Kolkata FF lottery results are closely tracked by lottery enthusiasts in West Bengal. The lottery draws are held every day in the state and the results are announced at 4 pm. The prize money of the Kolkata FF lottery is quite substantial and has been increasing over the years.

The Kolkata FF lottery results are declared in two parts. The first part of the result is called the ‘Sikkim Lottery’ and it is released at 4 pm. It is followed by the ‘Sikkim Lottery Results’ which are announced at 6 pm.

The Kolkata FF lottery offers a total of five prizes for its players. The first prize is called the ‘Jaldi 5’ and it is worth up to Rs. 1 crore. This is followed by the ‘Sikkim Lottery’ and ‘Jaldi 5 Plus’ which are both worth up to Rs. 50 lakh. The fourth prize is the ‘Jaldi 5 Super’ which is worth up to Rs. 10 lakh and the fifth prize is the ‘Jaldi 5 Super Jackpot’ which is worth up to Rs. 5 lakh.

The Kolkata FF lottery results are also available online on the official website of the West Bengal Lottery. Players can find the results of all the draws held in the state and also check their tickets for the lottery.

Kolkata FF lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in the state and the prize money is quite attractive. The lottery results are eagerly awaited by lottery enthusiasts in West Bengal and the results are declared on the official website of the West Bengal Lottery.

Here’s a basic overview of how Kolkata FF works:

Selection of Numbers: Participants choose their preferred numbers or combinations to bet on.

Bets can be placed with local bookmakers or agents. The amount wagered depends on the player’s chosen numbers and the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Result Declaration: The results of Kolkata FF are declared at specified times during the day, usually in eight rounds. Each round consists of one winning number.

Winning: Players who correctly guess the winning number or sequence of numbers win prizes based on their bets and the odds.

Checking Kolkata FF Lottery Result

To check the Kolkata FF lottery result, follow these steps:

  • Timing: Kolkata FF has multiple rounds throughout the day, with results being declared at specific times. The results are usually announced at 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM, and 5:30 PM.
  • Official Website: The official website of Kolkata FF (www.kolkataff.com) is a reliable source for checking results. Visit the website and navigate to the result section, where you can find the winning numbers for each round.
  • Mobile Apps: There are also mobile applications available for checking Kolkata FF results. These apps provide convenient access to the latest results and other relevant information.
  • Local Agents: Many participants prefer to check the results with their local bookmakers or agents. They often have access to the winning numbers and can provide the results in person or through phone calls.

Kolkata FF is a popular lottery game in West Bengal, offering participants an exciting opportunity to test their luck and win prizes. While it operates independently through local bookmakers and agents, checking the Kolkata FF lottery result is straightforward through the official website, mobile apps, or local agents. Remember to gamble responsibly and within your means, as lotteries are games of chance.

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