Stranger Things 4 Release Date, trailer, Episode 1 to 4 in Hindi

Stranger Things 4 Release Date, trailer, Season 1 to 4

The Stranger Things season 4 is finally being released. After 3 years of waiting, now the stranger things fans can enjoy season 4 of stranger things. We know you are interested in knowing all the latest information regarding the Stranger Things Season 4. So, on this page we have provided all the information regarding the Season 4 of Stranger Things starting from the release date to the latest information regarding the Stranger Things cast and much more. So, let’s dive into the Stranger Things information.

Stranger Things 4 Release Date

So, some of you might not know what Stranger Things is and why are so many people excited for watching Stranger Things season 4. Basically Stranger Things is a very amazing series. Once you start watching it, you cannot leave without completing all the seasons. The first season of Stranger Things was released in 2016. It is an amazing series. I strongly recommend you to watch the whole series.

Stranger Things season 4 has two volumes. The first volume has already been released on 26 May, 2022. And the second volume for Stranger Things is going to release on 1 July 2022. The Stranger Things fandom is eagerly waiting to watch it.

Stranger Things trailer

Stranger Things showcases a group of 4 boys who are very good friends. One day, all of them had gathered at their friend Mike Wheeler’s house to play games. When the boys were going to their home, one of the boys, Will Byers, went missing. When Will’s mother comes to know about it she starts finding him everywhere. So even files a complaint about her son going missing. After trying to find Will for so long, the government of Hawkins announces that Will has died. But, his mother and friends believe that Will is alive. What do you think? Is Will alive or dead? Let us know in the comment section. We would like to know your answers.

Stranger Things 4 trailer

Stranger Things 4 trailer is awesome. The fans are loving it. And from the trailer, we come to know that Hopper who was thought to be dead is still alive somewhere in a Russian prison and the door to the upside down is still not closed. In this season, there is another deadly creature of upside down, Vecna, who is constantly killing innocent teenagers. Eleven and her friends must fight this monster and close the gate to upside down, but El has lost her superpowers. So what do you think will happen now?

Stranger Things 4 Episode in Hindi (1 to 4)

The Stranger Things Season 4 vol 1 has been released and it has got its title of the biggest English Language TV series debut on Netflix of all time. Episode 7 of Stranger Things 4 vol 1 contains a huge twist that the viewers can’t get over. Season 4 is filled with exciting adventures of Eleven and her friends. Mike had went to California to spend his spring break with Eleven, but the things take a turn and El is taken by Dr. Owens and Papa to get her superpowers back. Do you think she gets her powers back? On the other hand, here in Hawkins an unknown creature is killing teenagers. The gang at Hawkins has to deal with this monster while Mike, Will, Jonathan and his friend try to find El.


Stranger Things Cast

The cast of Stranger Things is mentioned below.

Name of the CharacterPlayed by (Actor/Actress)
Joyce ByersWinona Ryder
Jim HopperDavid Harbour
Eleven / JaneMillie Bobby Brown
Mike WheelerFinn Wolfhard
Dustin HendersonGaten Matarazzo
Lucas SinclairCaleb McLaughlin
Will ByersNoah Schnapp
Nancy WheelerNatalia Dyer
Jonathan ByersCharlie Heaton
Max MayfieldSadie Sink
Robin BuckleyMaya Hawke
Steve HaringtonJoe Keery
MurrayBrett Gelman 
Erica SinclairPriah Ferguson
Dr. Brenner / PapaMatthew Modine 
ArgyleEduardo Franco
Eddie MunsonJoseph Quinn

Stranger Things 4 Release Date in USA, India

These are all the main characters in Stranger Things. There are many side actors who appear for a short time on the screen.

It is anticipated that some new cast members will appear for Stranger Things Season 4. The new cast member for the Stranger Things Season 4 are –

Name of the CharacterPlayed by (Actor/Actress)
Peter BallardJamie Campbell Bower
ArgyleEduardo Franco
Eddie MunsonJoseph Quinn
Victor CreelRobert Englund
DmitriTom Wlashicha
Lt. Colonel SullivanSherman Augustus
Jason CarverMason Dye
YuriNikola Djuricko
Virginia CreelTyner Rushing
Warden HatchJoel Stoffer

Stranger Things 4 Episodes

The first season of Stranger Things is about a boy named Will Byers, a 12 year old boy, who reaches a world which is very different from the world that we live in. And the world has very creepy monsters. His family and friends try to find him everywhere, but do not find him. But, his mother and friends do not give up. While finding Will, Mike, a friend of Will, encounters a strange girl, Eleven. So, what do you think happened afterwards? Do you think Will going missing and Eleven showing up out of nowhere are connected? Please tell us your opinion in the comment section.

Stranger Things 4 Review

Stranger Things season 2 is also awesome. You literally cannot leave without completing the whole series. A new character appears in this season called Max. The second season is about Will Byer who is behaving very differently after coming back to the real world. The people who know him start to worry and try to find out the cause of his different behavior. What do you think happened afterwards? Will they be able to find the reason for the sudden change in Will’s behavior? To find out the answers to these questions you will have to watch the Stranger Things season 2.

Stranger Things 4 IMDB Rating

The Season 3 of Stranger Things is based on the creepy monsters about whom we talked about in season 1. Will Byers, his family, friends, Eleven, and a Hawkins officer try to get rid of the deadly monsters. Did they succeed in killing the monsters? Or did any of them die? What do you think happened this season? Let us know in the comment section.

Stranger Things All Season

We will provide all the latest information for the Season 4 of Stranger Things regularly. So, the readers are advised to check our page from time to time. And if the readers want to share their experiences with all of us, you can write them in the comment section. And if the readers want to ask any questions regarding the Stranger Things Season 4 release date, then they can use the comment section. We will answer as soon as possible. To read more interesting articles, click on –

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