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Integrated Pest Management Of Rice

• It is a broad ecological pest control approach aiming at best mix of all known past control measures to keep the pest population below ETL. • It is the pest management system that utilizes all suitable techniques and methods in a compatible manner as possible and maintains pest populations at levels below those causing economic injury. • It is an economically justified and sustainable system of crop protection that leads to maximum productivity with the least possible adverse impact on

Pant Sankar-3

1. Parentage : UPRI 95-17A/UPRI93-287R
2. Duration in day : 125-130 days SVRC
3. Released by (organization ) : SVRC

Pant Sugandh-21

1.Parentage : Govind x BR4698-17-1-5/UPRB592//hariyana Basmati/Pusa Basmati 1
2. Year of notification : 130-135 days
3. Duration in day : SVRC
4. Eco –system : Yield 35-40 q/ha aromatic fine grain good cooking quality
5. Released by (organization ) :
6. Salient features : Organic mode
7. Recmonded for cultivation : Plains of Uttarakhand
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