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Green leaf hopper(GLH)


Scientific Name: Nephotettix virescens

Local name:

Damage of Green leaf hopper:

1. Nymph and adult suck cell sap and attract sooty mould.

2. Heavy infestation causes withering and complete drying of crop.

3. This pest is a potent vector transmitting several viral diseases like rice tungro diseases whic


Rice bug/ Gundhi bug/ Ear head bug


Scientific Name : Leptocorisa acuta.

 Local Name :

Damage of Gundhi bug:

Sucking of grain sap by the bug causes ill-filled/ partially filled and chaffy grains and subsequent infection by fungi and bacteria results in grain discolouration.

Control of Gundhi bug:

When pest population


Rice hispa


Scientific name : Dicladispa armigera .

Local name :

Damage of Rice hispa:

Both adults and grub feed on the green matter of the leaves in short straight line parallel to mid rib.

The attacked leaves turn whitish and membranous.

Control of Rice hispa (RH):

i). Seedling root dip in chlorpyri


White backed plant hopper(WBPH)


Scientific name : Sogatella furcifera .

Local name:

Damage of White backed plant hopper:

1. Both the nymphs and adults injure alike by sucking phloem sap leading to reduced vigor, stunting, yellowing, delayed tillering and grain formation. Their feeding attract sooty mould.

2. At severe infestation WBPH


Brown plant hopper (BPH)

 Scientific name : Nilaparvata lugens.

  Local name:

Damage of Brown plant hopper:

This pest causes draining out of plant fluid and nutrients by continuous sucking during high infestation and plants become yellow and finally die.

This symptom of crop damage is known as hopper burn.


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