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Rice field crab


Scientific name : Paratelphusa hydrodromus

Local name :

Damage of Rice field crab:

1. The seedlings are cut by crabs at ground level into small bits which are carried to the holes for feeding.

2. In older plants outer sheaths are cut open and the inner portions are consumed.

3. In an attacked field b


Field Rat


Scientific name : Bandicota bengalensis

Local name :

Damage of Field rat:

1. At early stage, rat cuts tillers and the affected area is seen as circular patches.

2. The rat revisits the same area next night and spreads the damage.

3. At later stage, it cuts ear heads and carries them to its burrow in which up to 2 kg of ho


Paddy mite

Scientific name : Oligonychus oryzae

Local name :

Damage of Paddy mite:

Infested leaves become white between the veins and eventually get shredded with the veins remaining green.

Control of Paddy mite:

Foliar spray of dicofol 18EC@ 2.5lit./ha or profenophos 50EC @ 1 lit./ha or monocrotophos 36EC @ 1.3 lit./ha just after initial symptom check the damage due to mite.


Tarsonemid mite


Scientific name : Steneotarsonemus spinki

Local name :

Damage of Tarsonemid mite:

1. This mite is found between stem and leaf sheath in colonies.

2. It causes sterility and deterioration of rice grain quality along with pathogenic fungi.

3. It damages parenchmatous tissues of rice plant and reduce the amount of nutrien


Rice Storage Insects


i. Angoumois grain moth: Sitotroga cerealella Olivier.

 ii. Rice weevil: Sitophilus oryzae L.

iii. Rice moth: Corcyra cephalonica Stainton.

  iv. Red flour beetle: Tribolium castaneum Herbst.

v. Lesser grain borer: Rhizopertha dominica Fabr.

Damage of storage insects:

1. High grain moisture above 14% enhances infes

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