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Production Know How
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Technology 1

Improved Samba Mahsuri: a high yielding, bacterial blight resistant, fine-grain type, low glycemic index rice variety

Technology Profile

‘Hand Operated Winnower’ Improved Rice Quality and Income

Mr. Dwan Khream is a small farmer of the Ri-Bhoi district in Meghalaya. Among other vegetable crops, he mainly grows rice on his 1.5 acre of land which falls under 50 per cent plain and 50 per cent sloppy categories- a prominent feature of the ‘hill farming’ in the NEH region. Despite good yield from paddy, Dwan did not make profit by selling it at nearby market as impurities mixed with rice due to tradi

Role of aromatic rice in the export earnings

India is one of the important countries in the world in export of rice. India's exports are expected to go up further during current financial year. Hence, Indian rice exports are set to reach second place in the world markets after Thailand edging out Vietnam in the process as per the report of the Food and Agricultural Organisation. Basmati export market is a lucrative area. Though India and Pakistan enjoy to have the maximum shares in this market, competitors from others countries are already

Status of rice production and its requirement by 2030

The rice is a staple food and continuous supply is to be maintained to the consumers. To ensure regular supply of the food grain proper steps are required to be taken in advance. If supply is not maintained uninterrupted than there are chances of a large number of human population drowning in perpetual hunger. About 1 billion households depend on rice cultivation for employment and their main source of livelihood. As the rice consuming population continues to grow, and the land and water resourc

Aromatic rice growing regions

Basmati rices have been traditionally cultivated in northern India, confined mainly to Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh and adjoining districts of Rajasthan. It is said that Basmati grows best and produces best quality grains under warm, humid, valley like conditions. Experience has also shown that when true Basmati varieties are cultivated outside these traditional Basmati areas, the grains do not have the same quality. During vegetative period high humidity (70 to 80%) and a temperature
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