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Direct Seeded Rice

Rice can be directly seeded either through dry or wet (pregerminated) seeding.

Dry seeding of rice can be done by drilling the seed into a fine seedbed at a depth of 2-3 centimeters.

Wet seeding requires leveled fields to be harrowed and then flooded (puddling). The field is left for 12-24 hours after puddling, then germinated seeds (48-72 hours) are sown using a drum seeder.

Seed can be broadcast for either dry or wet seeding, but manual weeding is


1. Duration (days) - 120-125
2. Characters of rice (Grain type) - Medium
3. Nursery sowing time - Before end of July
4. Transplanting time - August 3rd week
5. Yield (q.ha) 55- 60

VANDANA: RR 167-962:IET 12304

Parentage: C 22 / Kalakeri 
Release & notification: 1992 & 2002 
Breeder: Dr. P. K. Sinha, Dr. K. Prasad, Dr. V. S. Chauhan 
Ecology: Favourable & unfavourable Uplands
Area of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa
Special feature: Tall, duration 90 days; long bold grains; 2.5-3.0 t/ha & 3.5-4.5 t/ha average grain yiel

KALINGA III : CR 2 3 7-1 : IET7964

Parentage: AC 540 / Ratna 
Release & notification: 1983 & 1988 
Breeder: Dr. K. Sreenivasalu 
Ecology: Uplands
Area of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Orissa
Special feature: Tall, duration 85 days, long slender grain, resistant to brown spot, cold tolerant, average yield 2.5-3.0 M ha.
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