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Cyperus iria


Botanical name and family : Cyperus iria, Cyperaceae  .

Common name : Rice flatsedge.

 Kannada name : Dabbe Jandu uollu.

 Plant description : A erect glabrous annual.

 Habitat : Rice fields marshy places and in


Cyperus difformis


Botanical name and family : Cyperus difformis, Cyperaceae

Common name : Smallflower

Kannada name : Kare sanna jandu uollu

Plant description : A erect, tufted glabrous annual

Habitat : In rice fields

Method of propagation


Major weeds present in rice crop of Karnataka state

Major weeds present in rice crop of Karnataka state are

1. Cyperus difformis.

2. Cyperus iria.

3. Cyperus rotundus.

4. Marsilea quadrifolia.

5. Monochoria vaginalis.


Surface Storage Structures

Surface storage structures include Bag storage storage, Bulk storage, Kothi or Mud Pots and Kuthla.

 Bag storage : Farm products are stored after placing them in gunny bags made of jute. Storage in bags has following advantages each bag contains a definite quantity which can be bought, sold or despatched without difficulty; bags are easier to load or unload. The bags which are identified as infested on inspection can be removed and treated easily; and the proble


Underground Storage Structures

1. Underground storage structures are dug-out structures similar to a well with sides plastered with cow dung. They may also be lined with stones or sand and cement. 2. They may be circular or rectangular in shape. The capacity varies with the size of the structure. These structures are known by difference local names in various regions. 3. The advantages of underground storage structures are Food grains in an underground storage structure are free from the seasonal variations in tempera
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