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Fertilizer Recommendation for Southern Zone

a) Nursery :

• Basal fertilization with 0.5 kg of `N’; 0.5 kg of `P’ and 0.5 Kg of `K’ per every 100 is required to get robust seedlings, followed by another 0.5 kg `N’ at 12 days after sowing.

• Spray ZnSO4 @ 2.0 g /l for correction of Zinc deficiency if deficiency is observed.

• Spray 5-10 g Ferrous sulphate (or) Ferrous ammonium sulphate with 0.5 to 1.0 gram of citric acid per litre of water to corr


Weed Control for Southern Zone

• Weed growth should be checked during first four weeks after transplanting (two hand weedings at 20 and 40 days after transplanting).

• Application of Butachlor @ 1.25 l/acre (or) Pretilachlor @ 600 ml (or) Anilophos @ 500 ml /acre by mixing 25 kg of sand when monocot and sedges dominates at 3-5 DAT in thin film of water to control grasses and sedges effectively.

• If Echinocloa is a problem apply Benthiocarb @ 1.25 l/acre.

• To control broad-leaved we


Land preparation for Southern Zone

• Ploughing followed by puddling ten days before transplanting and by following perfect leveling.

• Normally 33 hills/ (20 x 15 cm) is optimum plant density for heavy and fertile soils.

• In light and sub marginal soils a spacing 15 x 15 cm (44 hills/sqmt.) may be adopted.

• In delayed conditions, adopt 44 hills/

• In order to reduce the weed growth and for better water management, good leveling of the main field has to be foll


Time of Sowing nurseries and seed rate for Southern Zone

1. Time of Sowing of nursery : Nursery sowing can be done up to July 1st.

2. Seed rate for Nursery

• For transplanting 20-25 Kg

• For dry seed nurseries 25-30 Kg

• For Direct seeding (in deltas) 16-20 Kg

• For Direct Seeding with Gorru 30-35 Kg

• For SRI method 2 Kg per acre is required


Districts covered under Southern Zone of Andhra Pradesh

The districts covered under Southern Zone of Andhra Pradesh are:

• Nellore

• Chittore

• Kadapa

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