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• Spray acephate @ 1.5 g or monocrotophos @ 2.2 ml or ethofenprox @ 2.0 ml or fenobucarb @ 2.0 ml or imidacloprid @ 0.25 ml or thiamethoxam @ 0.2 g or Buprofuzin 1.6ml per litre of water.

• Spray fluid (200 litres/acre) should be directed towards the base of the plant.

• Avoid spraying of combination of insecticides and synthetic pyrethroids.

• If second spray is warranted alternate the previous chemical preferably belongi


Chemical control of pests at Tillering stage in Southern Zone

Stemborer, Thrips and Hispa:

• Spray monocrotophos @ 36 SL 1.6 ml or chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2.5 ml or phosphamidon 40 SL@ 2.0 ml/litre of water.


• Apply phorate 10G @ 12.5 kg/ha or carbofuran 3 G @ 25 kg/ha at 15 DAT in 1– 2 inches of standing water.

Leaf folder:

• Spray profenophos @ 2.0 ml or chlorpyriphos @ 2.5 ml or monocrotophos 36 SL @ 1.6 ml/litre of water.



Plant Protection for Southern Zone

1. Plant protection measures are of two types

• Cultural practices.

• Chemical control

2. Chemical control Practices can be done at different stages of crop growth like Tillering stage, Panicle initiation to booting stage, Post flowering.


Irrigation for Southern Zone

• Avoid moisture stress at tillering, panicle initiation, flowering and grain filling stages.

• A thin film of water (2-3 cm) should be maintained at the time of weedicide application and should not be drained upto one week.

• Maintain water level at 5 cm depth during first seven days after planting and there after up to completion of tillering at 2-3 cm depth.

• Maintain water level at 5 cm depth from panicle initiation to grain maturity.

• D


Correction of Zinc deficiency Southern Zone

• In zinc deficient endemic areas like saline and alkaline soils, low lying fields, recently levelled fields and fields which received large quantities of organic materials with wider C: N ratio like paddy straw, basal application of 50 kg zinc sulphate /ha once in three crop seasons is suggested as a prophylactic measure.

• In other fields, if zinc deficiency is observed, spraying of 0.2% zinc sulphate solution thrice at 5 days interval is advocated.

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