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Nutrient Management for Central Telangana Zone

Nutrient management:

• Soil fertility and productivity of rice can be improved and maintained through integrated use of organic, inorganic and bio fertilizers in a balanced manner.

• 25-50% of recommended N through Green manures/compost /FYM/ poultry manures results sustainable yields.

• Green manuring insitu with Sesbania / Crotalaria / Pillipesara or grain legume crop residues like black gram/ green gram can sustain the soil fertility and


Fertilizer Recommendation for Central Telangana Zone

a) Nursery :

• Basal fertilization with 0.5 kg of `N’; 0.5 kg of `P’ and 0.5 Kg of `K’ per every 100 is required to get robust seedlings, followed by another 0.5 kg `N’ at 12 days after sowing.

• Spray ZnSO4 @ 2.0 g /l for correction of Zinc deficiency if deficiency is observed.

• Spray 5-10 g Ferrous sulphate (or) Ferrous ammonium sulphate with 0.5 to 1.0 gram of citric acid per litre of water to corr


Weed Management for Central Telangana Zone

Weed management:

• The crop should be maintained weed free especially till 45 DAT.

• Hand weeding at 20 and 40 days after transplanting in areas where manual labour is available at reasonable rates.

• To over come weed problem apply any one of the following herbicides keeping thin film of water.

Butachlor @ 1.25 litres /acre (or) Anilophos @ 500 ml/acre (or) Pretilachlor @ 600 ml /acre (or) Oxadiargyl @ 40 grams (mixed with one litre o


Land preparation for Main field in Central Telangana Zone

Main field preparation:

• Plough the soil once or twice in mid summer prior to main field preparation ,it will help in checking the weed growth by exposing the root system of weeds. It also exposes egg masses and hibernated stages of different pests and disease to the hot Sun and helps soil to retain moisture received during summer.

• Under canal irrigation green manuring is very much suggested.

• Initiate puddling at least 15 days before tran


Land preparation for Wet Nursery Management in Central Telangana Zone

Nursery Management (Wet): • Select an area of nursery, which has good irrigation and drainage facility. • Prepare the nursery field one month before sowing • Prepare nursery field by ploughing twice in the summer subsequently by puddling 3-4 times at an interval of 5-6 days. • Level the field after final puddling and prepare raised beds of one-meter width and of convenient length duly forming channels for irrigation and proper drainage. • Apply Well-decomposed FYM/ compost @ 200
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