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  •  Drought is the most important limiting factor for crop production in many regions of the world (Passioura, 2007). Globally irrigated rice covers 55% of the area and about 75% of the total rice production. On the other hand rainfed lowland rice covers 25% of total rice area which accounts for 17% of the rice production.  About 13% of the area is under upland rice which covers contributes around 4% of global rice production. In India irr...
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  •  Use of biofertilizers makes certain constraints generally related to production, market, resource and field level which are as follows. (1) Production constraints: Unavailability of appropriate and efficient strains Unavailability of suitable carrier Lack of standards in packaging (2) Market level constraints: Lack of awareness of farmers Inadequate and inexperienced staff Lack of quality assurance Seasonal and un-assured demand Limited...

 By now RKMP has been recognised as the largest repository of rice knowledge across the globe. In a series of innovations, that will have far reaching positive consequences in the rice knowledge dissemination, we are trying to simplify the rice knowledge into 8 broad categories. We urge our extension officers, to develop their own knowledge base using these 8 categories of information.


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