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Designer Rice

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1. Rice and the global economy:  Designing rice   to     meet     social,     economic     and environmental challenges - Zeigler RS.


Genomic Resources: Status

 2. The  international  -  Oryza  map  alignment project: Development and analysis of a genus-wide comparative genomics platform to help solve the 9 billion people question - Wing RA, Chen M, Gao L, Han B, Henry R, Hsing   Y,   Kurata   N,   Oliveira,   Olivier   AC, Panaud O, Wang W, Brar D, Jackson S, Jena K, Long M, Machado C, Sanderson M and Ware D.

3. Transcriptome resources for function analysis and genetic enhancement of rice - Agarwal P, Parida S, Kothari KS, Sharma G, Baranwal V, Kapoor S and Tyagi A.

4. Allele   mining   and   deployment   for   rice improvement through sequencing and SNP genotyping: status and potential - Thomson MJ.

Tailoring Rice by Design: Finding New Yield Thresholds

5. Finding   new   yield   thresholds   through changing concept  of  plant  type  in  rice  - Siddiq EA, Reddy CK, Zaman FU and Muralidharan K.

6. The   nature   of   green   revolution:   A   re- evaluation - Fan Z, Ali J, Xu JL, Gao YM and Li Z-K.

7.  Breeding for yield potential and enhanced productivity across different rice ecologies through green super rice (GSR) breeding strategy - Ali J, Xu JL, Gao Y, Fontanilla M and Li ZK.

8.  Breeding rice hybrids by design for future - Viraktamath BC, Neeraja CN, Sundaram RM, Sarla N and Hariprasad AS.

9. Increasing  rice  yield  using  wild  species  - Sarla N, Jyothi B and Siddiq EA

10. Harnessing  advances  in  rice  genetics  and genomics for unraveling genes and QTLs governing yield and yield components for developing designer rice - Singh AK, Gopalakrishnan S and Ellur RK.

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