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Grain Rot - Economic Importance, Causal Organism and Symptoms

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Economic importance of Grain Rot

There is no exact estimate of losses caused, by this disease but 900,000 ha of rice in North Kyushu Island (Japan) have been infected by the disease.

Causal organism of Grain Rot

The Grain rot disease is caused by Burkholderia glumae.

Symptoms of Grain Rot

1. Bacterial grain rot symptoms appear on seedlings and spikelets.

2. Seedlings raised in boxes turn brown and rot.

3. The glumes (lemma) of infected spikelets are discolored.

4. Initially dirty gray color appears; then they turn yellow brown, finally become dark brown and shrunken, and ultimately dry.

5. In mild infections, only the palea becomes discolored. Brown bands can be seen distinctly over the belly of the infected kernel.

6. Infected spikelets are unevenly distributed in an affected panicle.

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