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An exhaustive information provider to various stakeholders in terms of

  1. Global rice news with market coverage encompassing Global Rice outlook, Cambodia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, China, Japan, Bangladesh, India and Malaysia markets.
  2.  Information pertaining to World Rice trade in terms of transport and logistics, futures trade at CBOT, Rice market prices, trade inquiry, world rice directory, trade services, Banking trade finance etc.,
  3. Information on Basmati rice industry and rice milling production.

Apart from the crop information, the website also provides insights into various Job offers pertaining to rice and facilitates posting of resume by interested parties, culinary and recipes that can be made from rice, global rice weather.

Further, the portal also provides the reference library facility for interested stakeholders pertaining to rice along with archival facility


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Shaik N Meera & et. al., 2011
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