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  • The website has a long standing mileage of offering rice information for over a decade.
  • Despite being a website from an international institute of repute the world ranking and the daily visitor rate continue to be on the lower side.
  • The data/ information content on the website are quite vast encompassing varied disciplines. However, the website has an inherent constraint of not delivering the requisite output for the netizens/ rice workers in terms of
  • The data/ information depicted are an input for rice workers instead of a logic driver. For example, global population is growing every second is an established fact. People who are visiting the website do not need such information whether it is “X” or “X+/ X-”. Instead the rice workers or researcher might be pleased to know, what is the implication of such growth in global population? To drive more decision enabling logic, an algorithm computing what could be the future demand for Rice in the event of such population growth might be a best fit on the website.
  • Similar is the situation with respect to Weather which is depicted for Los Banos. The info is just an input rather than a decision enabling insight for even a layman to drive logic out of it. In a sense, if there is scattered rain or thunder showers forecast in the coming 24-48 hrs, what is in offering for Paddy fields/ standing crop etc., is not being currently offered so as to enable rice workers to work efficiently in knowledge dissemination to the farmers.
  • The website does not depict information pertaining to varietal suitability to particular soil type/ climate.
  • The website does not contain information on rice suitability/ profitability vis- a – vis competing crops, extent of farm mechanization in Rice across regions etc.,

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