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Rice recipes of Jharkhand

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The rice recipes of Jharkhand are truly exquisite and they are poised with a distinct style of cooking which makes them that extra special. They chiefly utilize sumptuous proportions of mustard oil as the medium using which they cook their food. The most known and common recipes in Jharkhand that are practically prepared in every household includes Bhat or Rice and last but definitely not the least, Achar or Pickle.
The most revered and cherished rice recipes in Jharkhand are mentioned below:-
1. Khichdi
2. Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding)
3. Lemon Rice
4. Rice Roti
5. Dahi Wale Chawal - Curd
6. Ghee Rice
7. Chicken Fried rice
8. Rice Upma
9. Egg Fried Rice
10. Fried Rice
11. Dhuska is a famous dish of Jharkhand cooked with mashed rice and pulses and served with either aaloo dum or mutton curry.

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