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Rice market to witness hand-to-mouth buying

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 Karnal, February 10:  The rice market witnessed a steady trend with prices of aromatic and non-basmati rice ruling flat on Monday on restricted trading.

With not much buying taking place in the market, rice prices were unchanged, said Amit Kumar, proprietor of Ginni Rice. Following steady domestic demand and easy availability of stocks, retail and bulk buyers are placing orders based on their requirement, he added.

According to the trade experts, the market may see only hand-to-mouth buying and prices may rule with marginal fluctuation for the next few days.

In the physical market, Pusa-1121 (steam) sold at ₹9,200-50, while Pusa-1121 (sela) quoted at ₹8,150. Pure Basmati (Raw) quoted at ₹12,500. Duplicate basmati (steam) sold at ₹7,000. Pusa-1121 (second wand) was at ₹7,050, Tibar at ₹6,100 while Dubar at ₹5,000.

In the non-basmati section, Sharbati (Steam) sold at ₹5,000 while Sharbati (Sela) was quoted at ₹4,800. Permal (raw) sold at ₹2,300, Permal (sela) at ₹2,350 a quintal, PR-11 (sela) sold at ₹2,900 while PR-11 (Raw) was at ₹2,800. PR14 (steam) sold at ₹3,200 a quintal.
Paddy Arrivals

About 6,000 bags of different paddy varieties arrived at the Karnal Grain Market Terminal. About 5,000 bags of Pusa-1121 arrived and went for ₹4,200 while 1,000 bags of Sharbati went for ₹2,230 a quintal.


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