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Record paddy procurement in Haryana; Punjab buying dips

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Chandigarh, Nov 29 (PTI) Haryana has recorded all-time high procurement of paddy for the central pool at 29.15 lakh tonne while lifting in agrarian state of Punjab is likely to end up at 120 lakh tonne in 2011-12 season. Before the start of procurement season, both agrarian states had targeted to procure 168 lakh tonne of paddy comprising 140 lakh tonne from Punjab and rest from Haryana. In the ongoing crop lifting, Haryana has exceeded the all time high procurement of 26.36 lakh tonne in 2009-10 for central pool by lifting 29.15 lakh tonne of crop (excluding private purchase).

Paddy procurement for central pool in Haryana has touched all time record as we broke previous record of 26.36 lakh tonne, a senior official of Haryana Food and Supplies Department told PTI here today. As daily arrival of paddy (Grade-A and common variety) shrinking to just 300 tonne, the total arrival of paddy in Haryana has reached 43.33 lakh tonne including basmati and superior varieties of crop in the ongoing lifting season. On the contrary, the paddy procurement in Punjab is poised to dip by 10 lakh tonne of crop procurement at 120 lakh tonne in the current season. The total paddy buying in Punjab, which contributes 30 per cent of rice to central pool, has reached 114.04 lakh tonne so far against 128.07 lakh tonne procured in corresponding period of last season.

The private buying is pegged at 4.35 lakh tonne in the state. Paddy procurement in Punjab will restrict to 120 lakh tonne this year against 130 lakh tonne lifted last season, a FCI official said. Notably, Punjab this season made arrangement to procure 140 lakh tonne. Reduction in crop area in Punjab is being regarded as major reason in fall in arrival of crop in Punjab. Acreage under paddy in this year reduced by 81,000 hectares to 27.50 lakh hectares as farmers switched over cotton crop in the wake of fetching higher returns last season.


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