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Punjab India Farmers Can Transplant Non-basmati Rice From June 10

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After much delay, the government of Punjab, a rice-rich state in northern India, has finally directed the agriculture department to allow farmers to sow non-basmati variety of paddy from June 10. Punjab is among the top rice producing states of India. The state governments in India are responsible for providing water for the farms if there are no monsoons and provide for electricity for the farm pumps. The state’s decisions on such matters do have a telling on rice production, its time of harvest and other such factors.   The state government had earlier decided to allow transplant of paddy from June 15, but could not issue a notification as it was bound by the Model Code of Conduct which was in existence till May 20 as the country went to polls. But after the farmers of state conveyed to the government the problems the rice crop would face because of late sowing, the government agreed to the sowing of non-basmati seed from Tuesday.   Rice transplanting involves planting the seed in one place and transplanting the seedlings after they have grown a little to another place. This practice yields richer harvests and prevents weeding. - See more at:

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