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Protect crops from disease, officials advise farmers

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A total of 1.28 lakh hectares of land have been covered under samba cultivation during the current season in the district.

Direct sowing was done on 70,264 hectares of land. Of the 58,148 hectares covered under transplantation method, 23,842 hectares were covered under conventional method and SRI method of cultivation was adopted on 34,306 hectares, District Collector S. Natarajan said while addressing the farmers grievances day meeting here on Thursday.

A total of 18,394 hectares of land had been brought under Kuruvai cultivation in the district during the current season — SRI method 12,176 hectares, direct sowing 274 hectares, and transplantation method 5,944 hectares.

Thaladi transplantation has been completed on 18,358 hectares of land, — 8,693 hectares under conventional method and 9,665 hectares under SRI.

The samba and thaladi crops are in an advanced matured stage. They are prone to some kind of disease. The Collector advised farmers to take up crop protection strategy by applying pesticides.

The Collector said the district experienced a rainfall of 150.74 mm. so far in December, against a normal rainfall of 175.28 mm.

Referring to the extension of financial assistance to farmers, Mr. Natarajan said the nationalised banks had targeted to extend crop loans to the tune of Rs. 1,81,138 lakh. Thanjavur District Central Cooperative Bank targeted to provide Rs. 6,500 lakhs worth crop loans, of which 5,062.10 lakh had been distributed to 17,755 farmers, Rs. 2,341 lakh as jewellery loans to 6,772 farmers.

The Kumbakonam District Central Cooperative Bank targeted to extend Rs. 7,500 lakh as crop loan and had so far sanctioned Rs. 6,846.89 lakh to 20,762 farmers as crop loans, and Rs. 2,497.17 lakh as jewellery loan to 4,803 farmers.

The government recently opened 62 direct procurement centres in the district in addition to 16 centres existing. During the kharif season, 2013-14, 16,928 tonnes of paddy had been procured by these centres.

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