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PhilRice: technology boosts rice production

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Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija, October 24 (PIA) -- The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) will showcase how technology boosts rice production in a ceremonial palay harvest.

To be held in Manila's Rizal Park in November, PhilRice's ceremonial rice harvest is expected to demonstrate the advantages of modern varieties over the traditional varieties.

“We're talking about rice (traditional rice varieties) that gives you 30 cavans per hectare per year versus rice (hybrid rice variety) that gives you 200 cavans per hectare per season,” PhilRice executive director Eufemio T. Rasco Jr., said, and added, “ ...and we have three seasons. This is what PhilRice has accomplished.”

Apart from the wide difference in yield, Dr. Rasco said that the traditional varieties have diseases and other weaknesses.

A hybrid rice variety is a product of crossing two rice plants with superior qualities. With two different varieties sown and grown side by side, the pollination of hybrid variety can be done artificially or naturally. Good traits of parent varieties are transferred to the seed which produces more grains that the ordinary rice variety.

One of the popular hybrid rice varieties is the Mistiso which has sub-varieties: PSB Rc72H (Mestizo 1), NSIC Rc116H (Mestizo 3), NSIC Rc124H (Mestizo 4), NSIC Rc126H (Mestizo 5), and NSIC Rc132H (Mestizo 6).

The other hybrid varieties are the PSB Rc26H (Magat), SL8, and Bigante.

Although hybrid rice producers need to buy new seeds per season, PhilRice records show that they earn at least P3,000 profit advantage over those producers using traditional rice varieties. (WLB/LDRP PIA3)

Source: Philippine Information Agency-

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