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Paddy procurement centres at six places

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Direct paddy procurement centres have been set up at six places in Srivaikuntam, Tiruchendur and Tuticorin taluks in the district.

Joint Director of Agriculture N.K. Dhakshinamoorthy said here on Monday that the centres had been opened at Srivaikuntam, Kurumbur, Nazareth, Vasavappapuram, Iruvappapuram and Kulayankarisal. The paddy procurement price had been fixed at Rs. 1,360 for one quintal of common variety and Rs. 1,415 for Grade –A variety.

Paddy harvesting was in progress at some places in the district. During ‘kar’ and ‘pisanam’ seasons last year, paddy was cultivated on 9, 863 hectares. Since the start of 2014, the crop had been raised on 1,781 hectares.

Paddy cultivation had been taken up under summer crop package as per a directive of Collector M. Ravikumar. Four blocks with potential were identified. Under the package, the government had set a target to cover 2,600 hectares at Srivaikuntam, Alwarthirunagari, Karungulam and some parts of Tuticorin. Owing to late planting in Tiruchendur, the harvest was expected by April. With just a month away, he said the officials were hopeful of achieving the target. He said 819 more hectares would be covered under this programme by the end of March.

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