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Paddy farmers complain of stunted growth, low yield

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A section of farmers, those who had sown paddy seed supplied by the Andhra Pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation (APSSDC) during this kharif season in Kallur mandal, complained of stunted growth and low crop yield to a team of officials who visited their fields on Tuesday.
Sattupalli MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraiah interacting with paddy farmers at Gowrigudem in Khammam district on Tuesday.
A team of officials, comprising Joint Director of Agriculture V.B. Bhaskar Rao, visited the paddy fields in Kallur and Sattupalli mandals in the wake of a representations made by Sattupalli MLA Sandra Venkata Veeraiah to the higher officials on the plight of the aggrieved farmers.

Accompanied by the officials, Mr. Venkata Veeraiah made an on-the-spot assessment of the condition of the crops, including those in the flowering stage and harvesting phase. A group of farmers at Lokavaram in the mandal expressed fear of substantial losses in cultivation due to the stunted growth of their paddy crop. They attributed the stunted growth and other disorders associated with their crop to supply of either “spurious” seed or “sub-standard” quality of seed by the companies concerned.

They sought the intervention of the MLA to help them secure compensation for the poor yield of crop.

Mr. Veeraiah asked the officials to enquire into the allegations and ensure adequate compensation to the aggrieved farmers. He told the officials that legal options would be explored to secure justice to the aggrieved farmers if the authorities failed to provide them compensation.

Mr. Bhaskar Rao tried to allay the fears of the aggrieved farmers saying the matter would be examined by agricultural scientists to ascertain the facts.

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