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Haryana rice mills seek relaxation in paddy damage norms

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CHANDIGARH: Rice mills in Haryana are in a limbo as the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has not relaxed norms related to damage of milled rice procured by it from them. Resultantly, Haryana has stopped supply of rice to the central pool from its 1,000-odd mills.

Seeking relaxation on the damage percentage, Haryana rice mill owners are now approaching the state government to pursue their case with FCI. They claim that inclement weather has resulted in the damage of paddy crop. Haryana Rice millers Association (HRMA) said that faced a damage of 5 to 7% as against the FCI's norm of 3%.

"This is not just the case in Haryana but other paddy growing states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh are also involved. FCI and the Centre should increase the damage percentage to 4.5% for the survival of farmer and the miller. We have also written to Union state minister for agriculture K V Thomas besides giving representations to Kurukshetra MP Navin Jindal and Sirsa MP Ashok Tanwar," said Rajender Aggarwal, HRMA president.


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