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Bihar sets target to procure 30 lakh tonnes paddy

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Bihar has set a target to procure 30 lakh tonnes of paddy this year at a minimum support price of Rs 1,310 per quintal for the ordinary produce, state Food Minister Shyam Rajak said on Wednesday.

Primary agricultural credit societies (PACS) have been asked to purchase 23 lakh tonne and the rest 7 lakh tones would be purchased by State Food Corporation, he said after a review meeting of Food and Civil Supplies Department in Patna.

The Minister said while ordinary paddy would be acquired at a minimum rate of Rs 1310 per quintal, grade A produce would be paid Rs 1,345 a quintal. Stress was being given this year on decentralization of the procurement centre to facilitate maximum purchse through PACS.

Direction has been given for purchase of moisture metre for every PACS for this end, he said. Review would be held on performance of all PACS next month, he added.


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