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15,000 tonnes of paddy procured

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The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation has reached the halfway mark in paddy procurement in Erode district.

So far, 15,000 out of 30,000 tonnes anticipated have been procured through the 28 Direct Procurement Centres established throughout the district.

The rest of the procurement would be made by mid-March, said C. Muruganantham, Regional Manager of the corporation. The procurement process began last November.Last year, the procurement was nil despite the corporation opening a handful of district centres because of the drought conditions. With the water position in the Bhavani Sagar Dam comfortable, the Public Works Department was able to release water for paddy cultivation last August.The harvest was much higher — over 40,000 tonnes — during 2011-12.Farmers are given Rs. 14.15 a kg for Grade A varieties and Rs. 13.80 for common varieties. The corporation’s storage capacity is about 40,000 tonnes at its two godowns — 25,000 at Perundurai, and 15,000 at Sivagiri.This year, the entire paddy crop procured in the district had moisture content within the permitted upper limit of 16 per cent. This year, the supply of 30 winnowing machines made the task of cleaning the paddy before procurement easier, said Mr. Muruganantham, adding that the sunny weather condition in the harvest period has helped farmers to keep the moisture content within the specified limit.


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