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Importance of Rice crop

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1. It is the staple food crop for more than 60% of the world people.

2. In other countries attractive ready to eat products, which have, long shelf life eg. popped and puffed rice, instant or rice flakes, canned rice and fermented products are produced.

3. Protein is present in aleuron and endosperm 6 to 9% and average is 7.5%.

4. Rice straw is used as cattle feed, used for thatching roof and in cottage industry for preparation of hats, mats, ropes, sound absorbing straw board and used as litter material.

5. Rice husk is used as animal feed, for paper making, as fuel source.

6. Rice bran is used in cattle and poultry feed , defatted bran, which is rich in protein, can
be used in the preparation of biscuits and as cattle feed.

7. Rice bran oil is used in soap industry. Refined oil can be used as a cooling medium like cotton seed oil / corn oil. Rice bran wax, a byproduct of rice bran oil is used in industries.

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