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Land preparation, soil moisture and Seed depth in Direct Seeded Rice

Plow the fields during summer to control emerging weeds
Leveling the fields well facilitates uniform irrigation and better germination
Optimum depth of seed:2-3 cm. The seed should be covered by soil for proper
        germination and to avoi

Direct Seeded Rice

Rice can be directly seeded either through dry or wet (pregerminated) seeding.

Dry seeding of rice can be done by drilling the seed into a fine seedbed at a depth of 2-3 centimeters.

Wet seeding requires leveled fields to be harrowed and then flooded (puddling). The field is left for 12-24 hours after puddling, then germinated seeds (48-72 hours) are sown using a drum seeder.

Seed can be broadcast for either dry or wet seeding, but manual weeding is


1. Duration (days) - 120-125
2. Characters of rice (Grain type) - Medium
3. Nursery sowing time - Before end of July
4. Transplanting time - August 3rd week
5. Yield (q.ha) 55- 60

VANDANA: RR 167-962:IET 12304

Parentage: C 22 / Kalakeri 
Release & notification: 1992 & 2002 
Breeder: Dr. P. K. Sinha, Dr. K. Prasad, Dr. V. S. Chauhan 
Ecology: Favourable & unfavourable Uplands
Area of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand and Orissa
Special feature: Tall, duration 90 days; long bold grains; 2.5-3.0 t/ha & 3.5-4.5 t/ha average grain yiel

KALINGA III : CR 2 3 7-1 : IET7964

Parentage: AC 540 / Ratna 
Release & notification: 1983 & 1988 
Breeder: Dr. K. Sreenivasalu 
Ecology: Uplands
Area of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat and Orissa
Special feature: Tall, duration 85 days, long slender grain, resistant to brown spot, cold tolerant, average yield 2.5-3.0 M ha.

Multi-purpose reaper, water pump cum threshing machine

  • Name of

Pusa RH 10

Super fine grained aromatic hybrid with 40% yield advantage over Pusa Basmati 1; 125 days duration, being 15-20 days early, it escapes infestation of major pests and diseases. It is recommended as the first aromatic fine-grained hybrid identified in the country for areas where it has been evaluated viz., Haryana, Delhi and Uttaranchal.

Pusa Sugandh 3 (IET 16313-Pusa 2504-1-31)

 A fine-grained, 125-130 days duration, scented restorer line of WA cytoplasm, 17% yield advantage over Pusa Basmati I with desirable combination of quality features comparable to Taroari Basmati and Pusa Basmati I. It has moderate resistance to blast; released for traditional basmati growing areas of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttaranchal and western Uttar Pradesh.
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