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Chemical control of Bacterial leaf blight


Chemical control for Bacterial Leaf Blight: 


1. Copper fungicides containing 50% copper oxychloride have been found to be quite effective.  

2. Agrimycin-100 has also been reported to be effective against bacterial blight.

3. Synthetic organic bactericides such as nickel dimethyl dithiocarbamate, dithionone, phenazine are also effective against this disease.


Biological control of Bacterial Leaf Blight

Biological control of Bacterial Leaf Blight: 

1. The deployment of bio-control agents at the seedling stage may prevent early infection, resulting in considerable reduction of disease indication.

2. However, a systematic search for bio-control agents that would bring about significant bacterial blight suppression in field conditions is necessary for establishment of biological control.



Cultural practices to control Bacterial leaf blight


Cultural practices for control of Bacterial Leaf Blight: 

1. Secure disease free seed

2. Balanced fertilization, avoid excess N application Skip N application at booting ( if disease is moderate)

3. Drain the field (except at flowering stage of the crop)

4. Destruction of wild collateral hosts

5. Avoid flow of water from affected fields

6. Insect pest control as they ma


Management Options of Bacterial leaf blight


Management Options of Bacterial leaf blight: 


  • Management options include cultural, chemical and biological control.
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