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Control measures of Rice Grassy Stunt disease

Rice Grassy Stunt virus disease control measures include

  • cultural methods and
  • use of resistant varieties

Host-Plant Resistance of Rice Grassy Stunt disease

1. The grassy stunt virus is transmitted by the Brown Planthopper Nilaparvata lugens Stal.

2. Disease can also be transmitted by Nilaparvata bakeri Muir and N. muiri China.

3. The interaction between the


Rice Grassy Stunt and Rice Grassy Stunt Virus (RGSV)

Rice Grassy Stunt

1. Rice Grassy Stunt disease described by Rivera et al. (1966) and Bergonia et al. (1966). Virus characterized by Hibino et al. (1985).

2. Synonym for this virus is "Rice rosette virus" (Bergonia et al., 1966).

3. A virus with filamentous particles, many of them circular, with a modal contour length of 950-1350 x 6-8 nm.

4. It

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