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Symptoms of Rice Bunchy Stunt disease

1. Rice bunchy stunt virus (RBSV), causes increased tillering and excessive branching, short narrow leaves.

2. In case of severe infestation, branches are formed from upper nodes and leaves are produced in branches.

Predisposing factors of Rice Bunchy Stunt disease

Factors that favor the development of Rice Bunchy Stunt virus disease

1. Late planted rice with more grassy weeds.

2. Prese


Rice Bunchy Stunt and Rice Bunchy Stunt Virus

Rice Bunchy Stunt

1. Rice Bunchy Stunt disease was first reported in Fujian, China in 1978. It has been reported in Fujian, Guandong, Guanxi, Hubei, Human, Jaingxi and China.

2. Rice Bunchy Stunt virus particles are polyhydral about 60.3nm in diameter.

3. Rice Bunchy Stunt virus can be purified from infected rice leaves by maceration in phosphate buffer.

4. Purified virus suspension shows maximum adsorption at 260nm and minimum at 240nm.

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