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Control of moths in stored grains

The Angoumois grain moth is the most serious pest injurious to rice, both in the field and storage.

This moth also attacks other cereals like maize, wheat and sorghum.

The infestation may reach serious levels before the grains are transported to the storage godowns resulting in around 25 per cent loss in weight and seed viability.

Internal pest

The larva is an internal borer of the whole grain, fe

Pink stem borer (PSB)

Pink stem borer (PSB), Sesamia inferens (Walker)

Distribution: This species has been reported from all over India but is more common in areas where rice is followed by wheat crop and also in upland rice regions.

Gold fringed borer

Gold fringed borer (GFB), Chilo auricilius (Dudgeon)

This is an important pest of sugarcane and rice. The distribution range of C. auricilius overlaps with that of its look-alike C. polychrysus. It is also found in West Bengal, Bihar, UP, Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir.

Dark headed borer

Dark headed borer (DHB), Chilo poly chrysus(Meyrick)
Distribution: It has been reported from Kerala, Assam, West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu but it often assumes the status of major pest in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Striped stem borer

Striped stem borer (SSB), Chilo suppressalis (Walker)

Distribution: This borer species has been reported from plains of India, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Kerala.
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