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“Plant pure, clean and healthy seeds”

Good quality seed reduces the required seed rate, produces strong healthy seedlings which results in a more uniform crop and higher yields.

Good seed is
  • clean - no stones or soil, weed seed,
  • pure - only seeds from one variety,
  • healthy - full big grains, same color, no cracks or spots


  • Select good quality seeds which are free from seed borne pests, diseases and weeds.
  • Select seeds which are bold, uniform in size and filled completely.
  • Seeds should be soaked in salt water and remove immature and chaffy seeds. Select only bold seeds and wash thoroughly with clean water for 2 - 3 times and dry under shade.
  • If seeds are farmer grown it should undergo germination test before using for sowing.
  • Select seeds which have good germination rate

“Levelled fields give the best yields”

A well prepared and leveled field gives a uniform,healthy crop that can compete with weeds, uses less water and gives higher yields at a lower cost.

A well prepared field has:
  • Many small soil clods to give good seed ‘soil contact’
  • No weeds
  • Harder layer at 10 cm to stop water percolation
  • Level and smooth surface after puddling
  • Well-constructed bunds

Land Preparation

  • Land preparation is done by ploughing, harrowing, and levelling the field to make it suitable for crop establishment.
  • Ploughing should be done 3-4 weeks prior to sowing.
  • Plough your field upto 12-15 cms deep and make sure the weeds and the stubble

Crop Calendar

A crop calendar is a picture of your rice growing season: crop production from the fallow, land preparation, crop establishment and maintenance through to harvest and storage. By using a crop calendar, farm activities are better planned, done at the right time and it is easier to organize labor and obtain inputs such as seed and fertilizer. Better planning will decrease input costs and increase yields.

To create a crop calendar, consider following st
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