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Package of Practices
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Monochoria vaginalis


Botanical name and family : Monochoria vaginalis, Pontederiaceae

Common name : Oval Leaf Pondweed, Oval Leaf Monochoria, Marshy betelvine

Kannada name : Thamara

Plant description : A herb



Marsilea quadrifolia


Botanical name and family : Marsilea quadrifolia, Marsileaceae

Common name : Four Leaf Clover

Kannada name : Kadu sabbasege , Neeru sabbasege

Plant description : Aquatic fern

Habitat : Shallow water of lakes, ponds, or


Centella asiatica


Botanical name and family : Centella asiatica, Umbelliferae.

Common name : Indian Pennywort, Asiatic coinwort.

Kannada name : Uondelaga.

Plant description : A prostrate herb.

Habitat : Rice fields along by bits of bunds of


Cyperus rotundus


Botanical name and family : Cyperus rotundus , Cyperceae Common name : Purple nut sedge Kannada name : Dabbe Jandu uollu Plant description : A Perennial grass Habitat : In rice fields Method of propagation : Tubers
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