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weeds in SRI

The major weeds found in SRI system of paddy cultivation are Marsilia sp. , Echinocloa sp., Monochoris vagilalis, Cyprus iria and Cyprus deformis. The effective integrated weed management adopted are
1. Passing cono weeder at 10, 20, 30 and 40 days after transplanting OR
2. Application of pre-emergence herbicide like butachlor 50% EC @ 1500 g ai/ha 3 DAT + two cono weeding at 20 and 30 DAT.


Monochoria vaginalis


Botanical name and family : Monochoria vaginalis, Pontederiaceae

Common name : Oval Leaf Pondweed, Oval Leaf Monochoria, Marshy betelvine

Kannada name : Thamara

Plant description : A herb



Marsilea quadrifolia


Botanical name and family : Marsilea quadrifolia, Marsileaceae

Common name : Four Leaf Clover

Kannada name : Kadu sabbasege , Neeru sabbasege

Plant description : Aquatic fern

Habitat : Shallow water of lakes, ponds, or

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