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Control of Sheath blight

Control of Sheath blight:

The control measures of Sheath Blight include:

a. Summer ploughing

b. Seed treatment

c. Optimum spacing

d. Clean cultivation and timely weed control

e. Avoiding excess nitrogen application

f. Spraying with hexaconazole @ 2.0ml or validamycin @ 2.0ml or propiconazole @ 1.0ml per litre of water.


Sheath blight

Sheath blight

Local name : Poda Thegulu

Causal organisam : Rhizoctonia solani

Symptoms :

1. Sheath blight disease usually appears in the later growth stages of the plant.

2. Initial symptoms usually develop as lesions on sheaths of lower leaves near the water line when plants

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