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Harvesting and Storage for Southern Zone

1. Harvesting should be done when at least 75% of the grains are matured. If the crop is harvested without proper maturity it leads to loss of viability of grains.

2. The harvested material should be dried in the field for 2-3 days.

3. The grain should be free from inert material after threshing and winnowing.

4. The winnowed grains should be sun dried until the moisture content reaches less than 13%.

5. Both over drying and under drying will lead to breakage of the gr


Rodent control for Southern Zone

For endemic areas:

• Destruction of rodent harborage and observe rat movement.

• Reducing the number and size of field bunds.

• Complete the sowing and planting uniformly in one area.

• From puddling to one month after planting, setup local traps @ 20 /acre.

• Installation of permanent bait stations from planting to flowering stage @ 5 /ha Four at corners of the field one meter inside the cropped area from the field bund


Chemical control of pests at Post flowering stage in Southern Zone


• The insecticides as recommended at boot stage should be used.


• Irrigate the field and spray in the evening hours with any of the following combinations, dichlorvos @ 1.0 ml + endosulfan @ 2.0 ml (or) dichlorovos 1.0 ml + chlorpyriphos 2.5 ml/litre of water.


• Spray acephate @ 1.5 g or monocrotophos @ 2.2 ml or ethofenprox @ 2.0 ml or fenobucarb @ 2.0 ml or imidacloprid @ 0.25 ml or thiamethoxam @ 0.2 g or Buprofuzin 1.6ml per litre of water.

• Spray fluid (200 litres/acre) should be directed towards the base of the plant.

• Avoid spraying of combination of insecticides and synthetic pyrethroids.

• If second spray is warranted alternate the previous chemical preferably belongi


Chemical control of pests at Tillering stage in Southern Zone

Stemborer, Thrips and Hispa:

• Spray monocrotophos @ 36 SL 1.6 ml or chlorpyriphos 20 EC @ 2.5 ml or phosphamidon 40 SL@ 2.0 ml/litre of water.


• Apply phorate 10G @ 12.5 kg/ha or carbofuran 3 G @ 25 kg/ha at 15 DAT in 1– 2 inches of standing water.

Leaf folder:

• Spray profenophos @ 2.0 ml or chlorpyriphos @ 2.5 ml or monocrotophos 36 SL @ 1.6 ml/litre of water.


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