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Zinc Deficiency

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Poor stand and establishment, lack of growth and tillering.

• Unhealthy and sickly appearance of crop at 3-4 weeks after transplantion even after receipt of adequate quantities of N,P and K fer tilizers

• Basal mid rib bleaching of 3rd / 4th leaf from top at about 2-4 weeks after transplantion.

• Dark brown rusty spots on the upper par t near the tips of older and mature leaves.





 Application of  zinc  sulphate  @   20 kg/ac at  puddling is  suggested  as  a prophylactic measure in Zinc deficient endemic soils

•  Deficiency in the standing crop can be corrected by spraying zinc sulphate @

0.2% (2  g/L of water). The spraying should be repeated at 5 days interval depending on the severity of the problem

•  Zinc sulphate solution should not  be mixed with any insecticide / fungicide

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