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Yellow stem borer (YSB)

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Scientific name: Scirpophaga incertulas Walker.

 Local name :

Identification of Damage Yellow stem borer:

1. The larvae bore into the leaf sheaths within 24 h of hatching and later enter the stem mostly the nodal region.

2. Larval feeding causes death of central shoot at vegetative stage, a condition known as dead heart and at the panicle bearing stage results in drying of the panicles and such panicles are called as white ear heads.

3. Damaged tillers/ panicles can be pulled out easily.

Control of Yellow stem borer:

i. Seedling root dip in chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 1ml in one lit. water for 12 h before transplanting.

ii. Apply granular insecticides carbofuran 3G @ 33 kg/ha or cartap 4G @ 25 kg/ha at a stage of one moth or one egg mass per sq meter or 5% dead heart.

iii. Apply spray formulations like quinalphos 25EC @ 2 lit/ha or monocrotophos 36EC @ 1.3lit/ha or chlorpyriphos 20EC @ 2.5 lit/ha with 500 lit. of water twice at a week interval coinciding with the peak emergence of moths.

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