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White backed plant hopper(WBPH)

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Scientific name : Sogatella furcifera .

Local name:

Damage of White backed plant hopper:

1. Both the nymphs and adults injure alike by sucking phloem sap leading to reduced vigor, stunting, yellowing, delayed tillering and grain formation. Their feeding attract sooty mould.

2. At severe infestation WBPH produces hopper burn in irregular shape as against circular patches caused by BPH in the field.

Control of White backed plant hopper:

When WBPH population reaches threshold level of 10 insect /hill apply chlorpyriphos20EC @ 2.5 lit./ha or monocrotophos 36EC @ 1.3 lit./ha or endosulphan 35EC @ 1.3lit./ha or Imidacloprid 200SL @ 0.5lit./ha or carbaryl 50WP @ 2.5 kg/ha , acephate 75SP @ 0.625kg /ha or carbofuran 3G@ 33 kg /ha

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