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Weed Management for Central Telangana Zone

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Weed management:

• The crop should be maintained weed free especially till 45 DAT.

• Hand weeding at 20 and 40 days after transplanting in areas where manual labour is available at reasonable rates.

• To over come weed problem apply any one of the following herbicides keeping thin film of water.

Butachlor @ 1.25 litres /acre (or) Anilophos @ 500 ml/acre (or) Pretilachlor @ 600 ml /acre (or) Oxadiargyl @ 40 grams (mixed with one litre of water) with in 3 to 5 days of transplanting or spray Pyrazosulfuran ethyl @ 80-100 g/ acre at 8-12 DAT or Bensulfuron methyl @ 35 g /acre as pre to post emergence (3-25 DAT). 2,4- D SS @400 g / acre at 20-25 DAT to control broadleaved weeds .

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