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Weed control and interculture for Irrigated Rice

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1. Adopt hand weeding 2-3 times at 20 days interval starting from 20 days after planting. This is done before the top dressing of urea.

2.Wherever weed problem is acute, selectively apply selective herbicides after the seed germination and before emergence of the weeds.

3.Apply Butachlor @ 1. 5-2.0 kg/ha at the time of transplanting (pre-emergence) followed by hand weeding at 25-30 days after transplanting.

4. If weeds are grown up, application of 2,4 – D sodium salt @ 0.75-1.00 kg/ha at 20-25 days after sowing or transplanting gives satisfactory control of weeds.

5. Application of herbicides should be followed by one hand weeding 20 days after weeding. Visit field regularly and rogue off all off type plants as and when detected.

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