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Water Management

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Water management 

  • A thin film of water (2-3 cm) should be maintained at the time of weedicide application and should not be drained up to one week. Maintain water level at 5 cm depth during first seven days after planting and thereafter up to completion of tillering at 2 cm depth. 
  • Maintain water level at 5 cm depth from panicle initiation to grain maturity. Drain the water before fer tilizer application. Mid season drying discourages unproductive tillers. Drain the field one week before harvest.Drain the field and aerate whenever Sulphide injury occurs. Ensure drainage in deltaic alluvial soils (East and West Godavari and Nellore districts).
Water requirements of rice at different growth stages
S.No. Growth stage Depth of submergence (cm)
1. At transplanting 2
2.  After transplanting for 3 days (3 DAT)   5
  3. DAT up to max. tillering  2

  4. At max. tillering (in fer tile fields)  NIL

    (in fer tile fields) NIL 5.Max. tillering to PI 2 6.P1 to 21 DA flowering 5
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