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Underground Storage Structures

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1. Underground storage structures are dug-out structures similar to a well with sides plastered with cow dung. They may also be lined with stones or sand and cement.

2. They may be circular or rectangular in shape. The capacity varies with the size of the structure. These structures are known by difference local names in various regions.

3. The advantages of underground storage structures are Food grains in an underground storage structure are free from the seasonal variations in temperature and humidity provided that adequate precautions are taken against the seepage of water in the structures, especially in areas where the water table is high.

4. Underground storage structures are safer from threats from various external sources of damage, such as theft, rain or wind. However, they are not good when the quantity available for storage is small, and there are a number of varieties to store.

5. The underground storage space can temporarily be utilized for some other purposes with minor adjustments; and the underground storage structures are easier to fill up owing to the factor of gravity. However, it becomes cumbersome to take out the grains from these structures.

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