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Transmission and Control Measures of Rice yellow mottle

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Transmission of Rice yellow mottle virus

1. Transmissible by chrysomelid beetles belonging to the subfamilies Criocerinae, Cryptocephalinae, Galerucinae (Sesselia pusilla), Halticinae (Chaetocnema spp.) and Hispinae (Trichispa sericea).

2. The long-horned grasshopper Conocephalus merumontanus also transmits the virus (Bakker, 1974).

3. Chaetocnema pulla carries the virus in the field.

4. S. pusilla, C. pulla and T. sericea sometimes acquire the virus in 15 min and also sometimes inoculate in 15 min.

Control measures of Rice Yellow Mottle

1. Rice yellow mottle virus control measures include cultural control and use of resistant varieties.

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