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The limitations of sun drying

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Limitations of Sun Drying: 

1.There is uncontrollable non-uniform drying which result in sun checks or cracks in kernels. Due to this when dried grains milled, give larger quantity of broken grains.

2. This process is dependent on availability of sun energy normally which is not available in monsoon season.

3. Large number of unskilled labours is required with no mechanical energy.

4. During the process quantity of 1 to 2 per cent of paddy is lost due to birds, insects, rats and other rodents.

5. It is not suitable for the rice mills located in cities having scarcity of land as it requires very large area. And not possible during rain or at night.

6. Delays in drying lead to excessive respiration and fungal growth causing grain losses and yellowing. Temperature control is difficult. Overheating of grains can result in low milling quality caused by cracked grains.

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