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Technology options to improve Sun drying

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1. Sun drying will be in practice (vogue) as long as

there is a market for low quality paddy, because it is the cheapest drying method.

2. As long as there is no quality-incentive for better quality rice it will be the preferred method whenever the weather allows. Traditional sun drying can be improved using simple tools and monitoring equipment.

3.In some areas pavements with elevations are used for reducing the effort in temporarily collecting the grain during rain.

4. During rain or at night the paddy is moved to the elevations and covered with plastic sheets. Rain water flows down and drains in the submersions.

5. Tools or machines for mixing and collecting grains make labour more efficient.

6. Essential tools for maintaining the quality of paddy are moisture meters and thermometers for monitoring temperature and finishing the drying process when the desired moisture content is reached.

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