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Technical constraints in Rice production

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  • High level of diversity in the upland farming systems which do not allow the uniform package of practices for agricultural  development.
  • Limited opportunities for expanding arable farming to maintain the fragile hill ecosystem
  • Difficulty in promoting mechanized agriculture on sloping land
  • Limited availability or access to improved varieties of seeds planting material 
  • High dependency of hill farmers on rice cultivation as staple food
  • Increasing population density in the upland areas resulting  in more pressure on natural resources necessitating a shorter fallow cycles of jhumming, encroachment on forest land extending agriculture on steep sloping lands

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A.K. Mohanty, Chandan Kapoor, R. Gopi, S. N. Meera and R. K. Avasthe, ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, published in Rice Knowledge Management for Food and Nutritional Security.
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