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Symptoms of Sheath rot disease

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1. Infection occurs on the uppermost leaf sheath enclosing the young panicles at late booting stage.

2. Initial symptoms are oblong or irregular spots or lesions, 0.5-1.5 cm long, with dark reddish brown margins and gray centre.

3. Lesions may also consist of diffuse reddish brown discoloration in the sheath.

4. Lesions enlarge and often coalesce and may cover the entire leaf sheath.

5. Severe infection causes entire or parts of young panicles to remain within the sheath.

6. Unemerged panicles rot and florets turn red-brown to dark brown.

7. Visible abundant whitish powdery growth inside the affected sheaths and young panicles.

8. Infected panicles are discolored, sterile, shrivelled, or with partially filled grain.

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